Message from the Council Chairman

A group of people gathered together in 1996 to share their concern about the absence or deterioration of basic human values among the people of Hong Kong, especially among the young. Based on research done on the attitudes of youth, there seemed to be a growing lack of respect; of a sense of responsibility; of trust and of honesty in society. What could we do?

We felt that the answer lay in education and so the Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership (HKIIEL) was born. In 1997 on 19th February the HKIIEL was registered as an incorporated limited company and as a charitable institute was exempted from tax. The Institute is governed by a Council, a Management Board and an Academic Board.

The main focus at the beginning was to provide moral values education for teachers. Courses in basic human values, character formation, ethics, leadership and moral education were greatly needed in order to support teachers in their efforts to educate "good" people, not just subject - educated people who pass examinations.

Soon we realized that since parents have a very strong influence on their children, we should help them in forming their attitudes and behaviour. So we developed courses for parents working through the school PTAs.

As a result of the requirement of the Education and Manpower Branch, that Principals take courses for their Continuing Professional Development, we provided a four-session course on four topics which related to schools i.e. Honesty, Responsibilities and Rights, Respect and Justice. These were very well attended and appreciated.

On the 6th February 2004 the Institute organized an Ethics in Business Conference attended by 165 persons and judging from the feedback, people considered it very valuable in promoting good ethical practice in doing business.

We run seminars; staff development courses for schools and produce a quarterly newsletter.

People want and need honesty, respect, trust and responsibility in order to live together in greater harmony and so our motto is the golden rule: